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We are fast approaching Earth Day, and in spirit we are excited to talk Trees. Specifically, your trees, the ones you have come to love after many years of cultivation, after having carefully planned their placement for maximum beauty, shade, and wildlife habitat. Knowing a new deck will soon grace your backyard comes with rightful
Living in the Midwest, we all can agree we are rewarded for our punishing winters with perfect summers. We are graced with the longest, most sunshiny days, under ideal temperatures, and if we are so fortunate, on a deck built to entertain. However our covenant for waiting patiently through grueling winters is that we soak
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Bringing in outside expertise for home improvements is bound to come with questions and doubts, fears and uncertainty. We compiled all of your most frequently asked questions and went right to the source, straight to your DEKTEX advocate and designer, Olivia. Allow her to set your mind at ease and prepare you for what lies

Helical Piles: A Helluva Solution

Helical Piles at DekTex
We typically think of spring and summer as peak season for outdoor space improvements. Many of our clients can sometimes feel inspired to move forward with projects given the brutal conditions we face in the Midwest. But progressing with your new decking during fall, and even the dead of winter, might be even more appealing