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High-quality composite decking material is designed to be fade, scratch, stain, and mold resistant. This makes maintaining it a simple matter of providing the occasional basic cleaning with soap and water. Homeowners who choose composite decking material will find that they no longer need to spend their weekends painting, sanding, and providing upkeep and can instead sit back, relax, and take in the sights from their elegant new decks.


If they are not provided with adequate annual and intermediary maintenance, wooden decks will begin to deteriorate quickly due to exposure to the elements. Composite materials offer a higher level of performance against extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and inclement weather and will not warp or fade as a result of exposure to these conditions. This allows homeowners and their families to enjoy their decks for years, or even decades, without the fear of deterioration.


While wooden decks always come with the threat of splinters, composite materials are so smooth that any family member or guest can walk barefoot on them with no fear.  Plus, composite decking is slip-resistant even after it rains, making it a perfect option for families with children and pets.



Constructing decks with composite materials is inherently a more eco-friendly alternative to using wood.  While hardwood planks must be harvested from healthy trees, composite decking is man-made using wood or cellulose fiber and plastic, allowing manufacturers to source their materials from recycled wood instead of killing more trees.  High-quality manufacturers such as Trex offer composite decking made from 95% recycled materials, making the use of their products a far more environmentally sustainable option than wood.


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While composite decking does sometimes require a higher material investment cost than traditional wood planks, it offers a higher value in the long run. Pressure treated lumber decks cost far more to maintain than their composite alternatives and can only be expected to last around ten years, while composite decking can last for decades thanks primarily to its improved ability to withstand inclement weather. When combined with the fact that a composite deck can actually increase a home's property value even many years after its installation, these factors help to offset the cost of working with this higher-quality material.


Composite decking comes in a variety of different sizes and colors, making it easy for homeowners to find a product that perfectly complements their home and landscape's unique style and design. While a traditional ranch-style house may look great with a European style monochromatic terrazzo, a lighter color might be better suited to match a Southern-style home or one with a more contemporary decor. These materials can be used to construct custom decks that offer unique style and charm.