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Composite Deck | DekTex | Timber Tech | Deck Buildaer | madison, WI | Verona
We may not live in Florida, California or any other locale with year-round nice temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the outdoor space you do have. At DekTex, we specialize in the art of building docks, decks and other extensions of outdoor and indoor living spaces so that when the sun
Composite Deck | DekTex | Timber Tech | Deck Buildaer | madison, WI | Verona
With innovations in decking come advances in material and capability, but also a host of confusion. “Composite” seems to have become a catch-all term for non-natural wood decking, despite the multitude of options available to us. Composite and even Vinyl are legitimate terms tossed around, but PVC decking is the medium we get excited about,
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You might be thinking, “building a deck with the ground still partially frozen? That’s crazy!” But with the technology of Helical Piles and the expertise of our build team, we get to work building a deck that will be ready for entertaining just as the trees start to bud! Here’s how to make it happen.
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They aren’t just required by law vis a vis just about every elevated deck structure for the general health and safety of your family. No, sir or ma’am, railings are also fun. I can feel your skepticism, so stay with me here. Not only do railings significantly lessen the chances of a life altering fall,